PORTICA manages a tailor-made B2B incentive campaign for large corporation

PORTICA manages a tailor-made B2B incentive campaign for large corporation

Kempen/Germany. PORTICA has set up a B2B incentive campaign for a major customer that is specially tailored to their requirements. Several thousand salespeople from various divisions of the group participate in this campaign.

At the heart of the campaign are three web-based incentive portals for the client’s various sales divisions designed by GEDAK, the IT subsidiary of PORTICA. The portals in the client’s corporate design reflect the complete incentive process. This process is based on points which employees receive for selling products or services and which are displayed on their platform after logging in. To make this possible, the software developers created interfaces to the client’s system so that the sales are automatically converted into points and the information is incorporated into the respective incentive portal.

There, the salespeople have the opportunity to check their points balance and exchange the points for rewards. These are vouchers  as well as non-cash bonuses that PORTICA suggests to the customer, purchases and in some cases stores. The fulfilment provider ensures that the portals, including the range of rewards, are always kept up to date. If a salesperson orders an item using the integrated ordering functionality, PORTICA checks the request, sends the rewards and is available to answer the salesperson’s questions.

In addition, the incentive portals include implementation regulations, promotion management and participant administration. This framework is provided in a specifically provided management system/CMS. A reporting function allows the corporation’s employees to access the desired data or alternatively, they are provided with the data. The synergy strengths of PORTICA and GEDAK – comprehensive service and logistical and technological expertise – are reflected in this incentive programme.

Further information: www.portica.de/en/sales-promotion

About PORTICA GmbH Marketing Support:

PORTICA has been a leading fulfilment provider on the German market for almost 50 years, providing logistics, IT, financial management and customer service. The company serves customers from a wide range of industries and manages hundreds of projects per year in e-commerce, marketing logistics and sales promotion. The focus is on the efficient handling of processes, taking into account customer-specific requirements. PORTICA is part of a network, that also includes the IT company GEDAK (www.gedak.de) and the te Neues Druckereigesellschaft (www.te-neues.de). PORTICA is a member of the German Dialogue Marketing Association. Further information: www.portica.de

About GEDAK:

GEDAK GmbH is an IT company that has been offering practical solutions for marketing, sales and customer service since 1983. One focus is the development of software applications such as web-based shop systems, sales and DMS solutions and reporting applications. GEDAK supports its customers in their IT architecture and in the operation of IT systems and accompanies projects up to the complete outsourcing of IT solutions to German data processing centres. The 50 employees work for large corporations and medium-sized companies. GEDAK is part of a network which also includes the fulfilment company PORTICA (www.portica.de) and the printing company te Neues (www.te-neues.de). Further information: www.gedak.de


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