Facilitate participation in your campaign.
Facilitate participation in your campaign.

The registration platform in your corporate design enables your participants to easily register for the promotion – and automatically checks according to your participation criteria.

PORTICA microsite

PORTICA microsite - for smooth transactions in your corporate design.

Our IT team will develop a tailor-made registration platform / microsite in your corporate design to match your campaign, your website or your landing page. Your customers can easily register there at any time. Initial test steps, for example on IBAN plausibility, can be automated via the microsite.

Instead of a simple microsite, you can also make more extensive webshops available, with log-in functions, point balances or additional payment concepts.

A direct connection to the PORTICA wcm is of course included, so that you have access to your data at all times. And of course we can also directly connect your own systems, e.g. your CRM system.

The services of PORTICA microsite at a glance:

  • User-friendly cloud solution
  • Easily customizable to CD
  • Registration of end users
  • Address capture
  • Collecting mechanism
  • Code entry
  • Upload function
  • Points Account
  • Webshop features
  • My Account
  • Track & Trace
  • Social media connection
  • Mobile support
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