Advertise with targeted campaigns - classic and digital.
Advertise with targeted campaigns - classic and digital.

With high-quality materials and precise logistics. We also take care of sending samples. Of course optimized for transport and postage.


Win customers with targeted mailing campaigns.

Tailor your (e-)mailing campaign exactly to your target group. No matter how individual: we carry out everything for you. And print all components such as envelopes, letterheads and flyers digitally up to DIN A3 – if required with personalisation via laser and inkjet systems. Or program and send your e-mails.

Plan efficiently with precise logistics.

You can rely on the fact that the right thing arrives at the POS at the right time. Because everything functions according to plan, from picking to POS dispatch. Your mailings, POS materials and advertising material are stored securely and put together according to your wishes for timely dispatch.

You can also use classic tools such as sample dispatch.

Because trial and error is a matter of study, our services also include the printing of a variety of on-packs and timely distribution to the POS.

Save costs with digital shipping.

We also handle e-mailing campaigns for you. Talk to us.

Our services for successful mailing campaigns:

  • Printing and personalization of mailing components up to DIN A3
  • Compliance with data protection regulations
  • Preparation for the cheapest shipment
  • Sample shipment
  • Review, processing and archiving of submissions
  • E-Mailing / Newsletter
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