Make sure you get your money.
Make sure you get your money.

For you it is important that your hard work is worth it. And to keep it that way, we check the incoming payments for you and compare them with your invoices. You will see, it pays off.

Debtor Management

Careful credit check.

Is the customer solvent? We look very carefully – in your interest. Depending on your specifications, this can already happen when the order is placed. We use modern credit checks. Because caution is better than indulgence and crucial for your business success.

Reliable payment methods.

Whichever payment method you prefer, we can handle the corresponding transaction. Whether purchase on account or by cash in advance, credit card, PayPal or direct debit procedure – your money will will be safely transferred to your cash register.

Permanent clearing.

We make sure that all your bills have been paid correctly by the customers. If a customer accidentally has overpaid, we will refund the difference. This gives you an up-to-date overview of your outstanding receivables.

Safe dunning and collection

If your customers forget a payment, we kindly remind in your name. In an emergency, we transfer the claims to a collection agency.

Our Debtor Management Services:

  • Credit assessment of your customers before order acceptance
  • Blacklist matches
  • Reconciliation of receivables with incoming payments for all known payment methods
  • Reimbursement for excessive incoming payments
  • Refund of returns
  • Dunning
  • Collection initiation
  • Extensive reporting
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