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Choose quality and reliability.

PORTICA has 50 years of experience, 160 employees, its own IT company and several warehouses at various locations.

About us

In 1971 the te Neues Printing Company in Kempen (near Dusseldorf) founded PORTICA GmbH Direkt Marketing together with the direct marketing company R. L. Polk from Detroit. At that time, it was customary for the various advertising material to be delivered to the respective client in finished form. The client then had to take care of storage, picking, shipping and reporting himself. The founding partners recognised the potential of corresponding marketing support services – also encouraged by similar activities in the USA. Our first customer was Adam Opel AG (now Opel Automobile GmbH) – we are delighted that this customer has been using our services ever since.

Growing demands - growing offer.

In the following years, the number of customers grew – as did the scope of their requirements. We had to adjust to this in terms of space; the original 3,000 m² have now grown to 20,000 m² of storage and working space. The number of work processes and their complexity increased. As a result, the control of processes through appropriate IT programs became more and more important. Our subsidiary GEDAK has been developing and supporting IT systems for our (and own) customers for almost 40 years.

Today we are active in three business areas. After Marketing Sogistics had been established as the first business field, at the end of the 70s there was further potential in services for sales Promotion. At the end of the 80s, an expansion in the direction of “mail order service” began. Today we speak of PORTICA E-Commerce. The founding customer was the Cologne-based WBI with the Camel Shop. Services such as customer service, returns processing and accounts receivable management were from then on part of our offer.

Without IT, nothing works anymore.

In the last 10 years, capacities in all areas of data processing have increased by leaps and bounds. We are taking advantage of this positive development. For example, we offer customer-specific reporting systems: We provide all data and information that is important for controlling the business in real time. The development and support of web shops – BtB and BtC – are part of our daily work, as well as offering different payment methods and fulfilment for our customers. The connection and support of e-commerce merchants on the well-known marketplaces is a new and exciting task. To summarise: PORTICA has always positioned itself to be an attractive supplier to its customers – and it will continue to do so.


Facts – Get a quick overview


Business relationship collaborating for more than 10 years with 50% of our clients
Composition From regional medium-sized companies to large international companies, including more than 50 brand companies
Industries Automotive, Electronics, FMCG, Retail, Pharmaceuticals, Publishing, Sanitary, Banks/Insurances, Telecommunications, Associations, Chemistry, Energy, Software, etc.

Key figures

Employees 160 employees at PORTICA and 50 employees at GEDAK
Financial services Over 1 million transactions per year
Customer service Over 100,000 e-mails and telephone calls per year
Sales Promotion More than 60 different cashback promotions (with amounts of more than 4 Mill. EUR), bonus campaigns and sweepstakes and additionally an indefinite number of mailingshots per year
Sales programmes Retailer Support for approx. 200 sales programmes per year
Webshops and microsites Already more than 100 programmed webshops and microsites
Capacity Premises of 19,000 square metres, over 20,000 pallet spaces and 60.000 hand storage places
Dispatches 2 - 3 million per year


Deutscher Dialogmarketing Verband e.V.
UN Global Compact


Certified to ISO 9001
DDV certificate – quality seal data processing and fulfilment
Certified to EC Organic Regulation 848/2018

Locations in Germany

Von-Galen-Straße 35, 47906 Kempen
Am Selder 47, 47906 Kempen
Mülhauser Straße 157, 47906 Kempen
Apfelbachstraße 16, 65428 Rüsselsheim

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