Enable efficient order placement.
Enable efficient order placement.

Map exactly the processes in the order portal that you need: rights and roles, budgets, quotas, functional warehouses, flexible billing options, and more. – of course in your CI / CD!

Order Portals

Strengthen your brand with a strong appearance.

The uniform and comprehensive presentation of your marketing articles in the order portal impresses sales department, dealers and distributors alike and ensures efficient order placement.

Create order through access rights.

Clarity prevails here. By assigning variable rights to different user groups, you can determine exactly who may see, order or change your promotional items.

Invoice flexibly.

You have all the freedom you need for billing. For example, when setting quotas, budgets or order limits. You decide how to settle accounts with your branches, trading partners and others, may it be by internal cost center debit or by invoice.

The Services for your Order Portal / Webshop:

  • Customized portal based on Shopware
  • Optional integration of a web-to-print module
  • Extensive special functions, e.g. rights and role concepts, quotas, quick order forms, functional warehouses and more.
  • Single sign-on possible
  • Advertising material shop for public or closed user groups
  • Interface to all ERP, PIM or CRM systems possible
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