PORTICA extends e-commerce services with SUNTJENS

PORTICA extends e-commerce services with SUNTJENS

Kempen / Germany. PORTICA now offers even more comprehensive e-commerce services. To this end, the company has entered into a trend-setting cooperation with SUNTJENS Süßwaren Import + Export GmbH. PORTICA may use the SUNTJENS brand within the scope of the cooperation, but acts otherwise as an independent e-commerce retailer.

“We buy the goods from SUNTJENS and then sell them in our own name and on our own account,” explains Martin Wielens, Managing Director of PORTICA.

For this purpose PORTICA has built an online shop at www.suntjens-shop.de based on the new Shopware 6 version. With its consistent API-first approach, Shopware 6 offers new possibilities for individualisation and automation of a webshop. This makes it possible to meet current requirements for high connectivity while maintaining Shopware’s strengths in terms of inviting shopping worlds. The shop was designed by the e-commerce department of PORTICA and set up by the IT subsidiary, GEDAK GmbH. GEDAK is one of only 15 shopware enterprise partners in Germany and has already realised a large number of shopware projects.

Fans of candy and sweets will find a wide range of SUNTJENS products in the online shop. Many different special varieties of the SUNTJENS, Hersun, Witor’s and Wilhelmina brands are available. PORTICA takes care of an attractive presentation, creates product images in its own photo studio, writes the article descriptions and maintains the content in the shop.

Customer orders are transmitted from the shop to the PORTICA merchandise management system and processed. Fulfilment is managed from the in-house e-commerce fulfilment centre. There the items are stored, picked and dispatched professionally. In addition, PORTICA handles all after-sales processes such as the customer hotline, accounts receivable management and returns management.

Furthermore, the shop has promising potential for expansion. Additional sales channels such as marketplaces and social media platforms can be integrated at any time to reach customers wherever they are. This is exactly what is planned: Sales on marketplaces are to begin shortly. In addition, PORTICA is currently setting up online marketing with a focus on Search Engine Advertising (SEA) and the gradual development of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). “With the SUNTJENS shop, we are thus demonstrating that we can handle the entire process of online sales, from the implementation and operation of the online shop to marketing via SEM and on marketplaces such as Amazon to fulfilment and related processes such as accounts receivable management or customer hotlines,” summarises Timothy Hausmann, Head of the E-Commerce Department. Thomas Kersting, Head of E-Commerce Sales, adds: “This model is particularly interesting for manufacturers of branded goods who are primarily oriented towards B2B customers and do not want to sell to consumers via an online shop themselves”.

SUNTJENS is satisfied, as the company reaches a larger target group with its brands and finds full support for its consumer business. Rogé Ruiten, Managing Director of HERSUN Confectionery, says: “In PORTICA we have found a partner that offers full service and can market and reliably handle the online sale of our range to consumers on our behalf”.


SUNTJENS Süßwaren Import & Export GmbH, based in Brüggen near Mönchengladbach, was founded in 1990 and is an importer and wholesaler of international quality confectionery. These are sold under the brands SUNTJENS, Witor’s and Wilhelmina to retailers such as supermarkets and delicatessens as well as to private customers. As an owner-managed medium-sized family business, SUNTJENS focuses on customer-oriented and innovative product development. Next to Suntjens is Hersun GmbH, which deals in quality confectionery in bulkware. Further information: https://www.suntjens.de.

About PORTICA GmbH Marketing Support:

PORTICA has been a leading fulfilment provider on the German market for almost 50 years, providing logistics, IT, debtor management and customer service. The company serves customers from a wide range of industries and manages hundreds of projects per year in e-commerce, marketing logistics and sales promotion. The focus is on the efficient handling of processes, taking into account customer-specific requirements. PORTICA is part of a network, that also includes the IT company GEDAK (https://www.gedak.de) and the te Neues Druckereigesellschaft (https://www.te-neues.de). PORTICA is a member of the German Dialogue Marketing Association. Further information: https://www.portica.de

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