PORTICA certified according to EC Organic Regulation 834/2007

PORTICA certified according to EC Organic Regulation 834/2007

Kempen. Retailers who rely on PORTICA for the fulfilment of organic products can now be sure that incoming goods, storage, picking, dispatch and returns

processing comply with the requirements of the EC Organic Regulation 834/2007. This is because the Prüfgesellschaft ökologischer Landschaftsbau mbH, Karlsruhe, has awarded the Kempen-based service provider the corresponding certificate. “This means that our clients no longer have to have the processes at this point of the supply chain inspected and they can be sure that we have the necessary competence and quality assurance,” explains Michael te Neues, Quality Management Officer at PORTICA.

The awarding of the certificate was preceded by an audit by the aforementioned eco-inspection body. This included a document check as well as a site visit with inspection of the goods receiving, storage and shipping processes. “The main point was to ensure the identification and traceability of the delivered goods at all times,” Michael te Neues reports. The aim is to avoid confusion or mixing of organic goods with other goods.

Requirements met effortlessly

It was easy for PORTICA to meet the requirements of the EC Eco-Regulation. As a pioneer in its sector, the service provider has been certified since 1997 according to the ISO-9001 quality management standard, which includes the identification and traceability of goods. In order to work in accordance with the EC Eco-Regulation, only minor additional tasks had to be completed. These include a comparison of various declarations, for example whether the supplier of the goods is entitled to carry the corresponding seal.
“We can guarantee this comfortably with our systems and processes,” says Thomas Kersting, Sales Manager E-Commerce at PORTICA, and summarises: “With the additional certificate, we give suppliers of organic products a clear sign that we also understand their special requirements and implement them professionally and carefully. They save on training costs and can rely on our expertise when they outsource logistics to us.”

The certificate according to the EC Eco Regulation is valid for two years. The audit takes place once a year.

About PORTICA GmbH Marketing Support:

PORTICA has been a leading fulfilment provider on the German market for almost 50 years, providing logistics, IT, financial management and customer service. The company serves customers from a wide range of industries and manages hundreds of projects per year in e-commerce, marketing logistics and sales promotion. The focus is on the efficient handling of processes, taking into account customer-specific requirements. PORTICA is part of a network, that also includes the IT company GEDAK (www.gedak.de) and the te Neues Druckereigesellschaft (www.te-neues.de). PORTICA is a member of the German Dialogue Marketing Association. Further information: www.portica.de.


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