PORTICA offers complete debtor management package

PORTICA offers complete debtor management package

(Kempen). The recent Payment Study by ECC Köln says it all: online retailers are increasingly demanding ways to integrate alternative payment processes into their shops and safeguard purchases on account.

Associated with this is the need to hand over all aspects of the associated processes, including accounting, to a third-party provider. This applies in particular to international retailers acting within the German market. “They need an experienced partner that can respond precisely to them and their unique situation”, explained Simone Horster, Customer Manager for Marketing Logistics & E-Commerce at the process specialist PORTICA, whose latest project in this field has included, among other services, a complete debtor management solution for the webshops of AIDA Cruises.

The debtor management system PORTICA finance covers credit checks, billing, payment, accounts receivables and dunning. Together with the company’s partners Concardis and Ingenico, this means that all current payment types can be handled. Whether purchases are made on credit card or using PayPal or AmazonPay, by cash on delivery or in advance, through purchase on account or other processes entirely – all conceivable options can be easily integrated into online shops to meet consumers’ needs and increase conversion rates. For purchases on account, efficient, cost-effective risk management ensures the security of payments.

While billing is mostly handled through an interface with the specific ERP solution in place, PORTICA uses a connection to the revision-safe accounting system FibuNet to receive payment files which it can then automatically process. If any details are incorrect, payments and outstanding items can be manually compared. The system can also process vouchers such as those issued for refunds.

This approach means that PORTICA does not just link together its own solutions as part of its e-commerce package: it also integrates other systems used by the customer, both for B2B and B2C. “This allows us to guarantee absolute flexibility and integrate our services into the widest possible range of IT landscapes”, said Simone Horster.

If a consumer fails to meet their commitments, the dunning process is initiated. If there is no success here, then – with the client’s agreement – the transaction can be handed over for collection. It is also possible to expose potential cases of fraud. Detailed reporting supplements the debtor management process and ensures permanent oversight to allow the client to react quickly to all developments.

Retailers benefit in a number of ways from the specialist knowledge of PORTICA’s experts, gained over the course of many past projects. As well as saving time and money when taking over the debtor management, they also ensure maximum professionalism even in the face of highly complex challenges, providing revision-safe processes and transparent cashflows as well as minimal risk of payment defaults and straightforward integration processes.

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