PORTICA launches new campaign management IT system

PORTICA launches new campaign management IT system

(Kempen) PORTICA has completely overhauled its in-house IT system for managing rewards- and cashback-based promotions and competitions.

The new WebCampaignManager (wcm) lets businesses who implement promotional campaigns with PORTICA keep track of them more easily and more reliably than ever – and to intervene to correct them when necessary.

The WebCampaignManager is used to steer and monitor large-scale promotions. Its successful use has established PORTICA GmbH as an innovative process service provider for sales promotions. “Modern sales promotions now include so many different processes that it became necessary to rebuild the wcm for organisational reasons”, explained Marcus Dassen, head of sales promotions at PORTICA. Following the relaunch, the system now runs more efficiently than ever.

The dashboard is a central feature of the new wcm. Immediately after logging in, clients can use it to view the key benchmark data regarding their cashback-, rewards- or competition-based campaigns. “For example, they can see at a glance the number of participants, information about telephone calls or mail received, and how far the capture process has so far progressed”, explained Tobias Hermes, customer manager at PORTICA. In the PORTICA rewards wcm, authorised users have constant access to current stock reports. In the PORTICA cashback wcm, the account management system is shown, so that the current account status is always visible. Reports can be easily exported as needed, and all data relating to the campaign is archived in a revision-safe format.

Another strength of the PORTICA wcm is revealed when the system connects to the PORTICA microsite and to PORTICAerp. Data entered through a campaign-specific microsite can then be securely and efficiently transferred to the WebCampaignManager, where it is available in a central location for further processing and usage – for shipping purposes, for example. This lets clients streamline even the most complex campaigns using just a single service provider.

The core of the PORTICA wcm is a central instance which securely contains all critical functions and which controls decentralised instances of individual sales promotions. The central instance can be used to automatically transfer newly-programmed functions from one project to another, while the decentralised instances can be individually customised to meet each campaign’s requirements.

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