PORTICA develops unique marketing programme for chemical firm

PORTICA develops unique marketing programme for chemical firm

(Kempen) The process service provider PORTICA has developed a new marketing program for a leading chemical company, aimed at certified partners within the construction industry and based on highly-specific unique requirements.

Within the space of three months, the marketing logistics experts created a new promotional material shop with a wide range of components, and are now providing a professional order processing service.

“The shop was a demanding project”, explained Norbert Haab, Head of Professional Services at PORTICA. The trilingual B2B platform, based on the e-commerce solution OXID eShop Enterprise, allows the chemical firm’s partners to order mailing packages, training sessions and marketing materials such as banners, promotional gifts and personalised flyers. One unique feature of the shop is that partners can use Single-Sign-On to log into the shop from their SharePoint environment. “To achieve this, we created a connection to an identity server within a SharePoint solution. There are no visual transitions, as we designed the shop according to the customer’s corporate identity specifications”, explained Norbert Haab. In addition, the shop also meets the latest technical standards: for example, it has been optimised for mobile use.

In order to allow personalisation of promotional materials, PORTICA integrated its web-to-print system into the shop. Partners have the option of customising items using a convenient web editor, then adding them to a mixed shopping cart alongside other products. The various items are held in PORTICA’s warehouse, and shipment is triggered by an interface between the shop and the modular enterprise resource planning system PORTICA erp.

PORTICA has also fitted the shop with a training and events booking logistics system. This allows partners to see which training sessions are being held and at which locations. The shop also has an interface with PORTICA isa. This “Integrated System Administration” solution makes it easy for the customer’s employees to update and manage product data. Documented approval processes, clear admin rights and role divisions guarantee an optimal workflow. And in addition to all of this, the solutions offer plenty of room for extensive future expansion to the marketing programme.

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