Internet World: PORTICA meets the need for e-commerce competence

Internet World: PORTICA meets the need for e-commerce competence

(Kempen / München) Retailers and manufacturers will find personalised solutions which meet their exacting requirements for e-commerce fulfilment when they turn to PORTICA.

This was the message many visitors picked up on at the recent Internet World e-commerce trade show in Munich. There, the process service provider PORTICA’s trade show team presented the company’s very broad solutions-oriented competence.

“Together with four other companies, we were represented as a logistics partner at the OXID eSales partner stand. With this outstanding complement, we were able to answer questions from a wide range of visitors”, reported Martin Wielens, joint head of sales at PORTICA. The event solidified the understanding that the services provided by PORTICA fully meet both retailers’ and manufacturers’ needs.

One of the greatest challenges remains, as always, in the drop shipping segment (third-party business). The issue is that retailers, instead of storing goods themselves, would rather have them shipped directly from the manufacturer for greater efficiency. Manufacturers, on the other hand, prefer to store individually shipped items off-site. With its flexible fulfilment services, PORTICA is able to convince both retailers and manufacturers of the value of its portfolio, which ranges from the realisation of technical interfaces for drop shipping to a full range of fulfilment services including storage and shipping.

A further challenge is faced in particular by manufacturers of high-value consumer goods who have previously used a multi-tier sales model. “Many are asking themselves how they can also sell their own products without significantly increasing their workload”, explained Martin Wielens. These businesses struck gold at the PORTICA stand. The process service provider supports such businesses with total e-commerce expertise, starting with the development of a professional web shop and continuing through to fulfilment and customer service. Individual components can be called up in a modular fashion as required, meaning that they can be ideally integrated into the widest possible range of business models.

Integrating systems into a heterogenous IT landscape was PORTICA’s third pillar of success at Internet World, where it was clear to see that many businesses are seeking to improve their e-commerce services in a number of ways which include ensuring that their IT systems work together in an optimal fashion. “Our association with the IT firm GEDAK shows its value here”, explained Martin Wielens, “as it allows us to work closely with proven experts in custom-tailored IT-based marketing, sales and customer service solutions.”

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