Efficient document control with PORTICA

Efficient document control with PORTICA

Kempen. In times of big data, companies across industries are required to establish efficient processes and short processing times for document processing and information.

They are often confronted with questions about the right software to automate certain steps. They receive support from PORTICA. With its proven IT solution for document control and sophisticated customer service, the process service provider ensures that the right tasks are carried out automatically and errors are reliably remedied.

The document control solution consists of two key components: a powerful Recognition Engine and Customer Service. The software programmed by GEDAK, the IT subsidiary of PORTICA, automatically recognizes both scanned and digital documents. It assigns categories to them, validates them against predefined parameters, enriches them with information from external systems and transfers them to the defined workflow.

“The Customer Service determines with the client which documents and features the Recognition Engine should record in detail,” explains Gabi Lau, Head of Sales Programs & Dealer Service at PORTICA. It also includes comprehensive support. This is used, among other things, when automatic document recognition does not work without further ado. “This is the case, for example, if documents are dirty or the wrong side of a sheet has been scanned,” says Gabi Lau. Then an error message appears and PORTICA employees support the process on two levels. First Level Support will display the document, a sample, and information which features were not found. This allows the agent to quickly identify the missing content. The second level support makes further decisions for release, but also stimulates optimization potential in the workflow or in the IT program. “Customer service forms a bridge between client and IT, which is constantly being developed further,” summarizes Gabi Lau.

The document control of PORTICA is used in companies and institutions in which a large number of predefined documents with recurring characteristics are to be processed. These include manufacturers, retailers and public authorities. Possible application examples are the archiving of bank documents and the examination of documents for the regulation of insurance damages.

The advantages of the IT solution as well as the associated customer service are obvious: users benefit from usable data, faster processes and can save costs.

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