Demo version of PORTICA shop now available

Demo version of PORTICA shop now available

(Kempen). The process service provider PORTICA has released a demo version of its e-commerce platform PORTICA shop at

Those interested in a powerful, custom-tailored online retail solution can now gain a deep insight into the product and see for themselves just how easy it is to use. The flexible PORTICAshop is based on the latest version of the award-winning pre-certified OXID eSales Enterprise Edition and includes all key functionality for B2C and B2B use.

The demo version also demonstrates how easy the solution is to integrate with other systems. “Naturally, it works with our enterprise resource planning system PORTICA erp. Of particular relevance to our customers is the link with PORTICA isa, our solution for managing product and user data, as well as our web-to-print system PORTICA w2p”, said Jan de Mülder, Project Manager Professional Services at PORTICAPORTICA isa makes it easy to manage all products as well as shop users’ rights and roles, all within a single system and with any number of sub-shops. PORTICA w2p lets users quickly and easily design promotional materials and set up complex web-to-print templates at the click of a button.

“The demo shop also lets us show off a number of features designed specifically for B2B use”, said Jan de Mülder. These include a quick-order mask, functionality to allow users to cover for employees who are away, and support for broadcast messaging. Users can also setup as many sub-shops as they need, for example to cover different departments within a company. The visual CMS module lets users easily create and edit text as well as shop pages. Responsive web design means the shop will also look just as good on mobile devices as on desktop.

Anyone interested can now try out the solution for themselves. The advantages are clear to see: whereas previously certain processes could only be described in the abstract due to the confidentiality agreements between PORTICA and its clients, the comprehensive insight enabled into the front and back end of the system now provides a realistic depiction of how easy the system is to use as well as its extensive range of functionality. The solution’s modular structure and individual customisation options are now easy to identify.

The solution is now open for testing by signing up at To make direct contact with PORTICA, email

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