PORTICA has been working for numerous retailers and wholesalers for many years.


Our services include in particular:

POS logistics:
We commission and dispatch campaign/season decorations for numerous retailers. The advertising material (e.g. posters, price labels and flyers/brochures) is delivered to us by printers. Within the shortest possible time, we pick exactly the right quantity and compilation for each individual branch.

Advertising material logistics:
For the standard advertising material, we program B2B order portals through which dealers can order marketing materials. Using web-to-print modules from various providers, which we integrate, each retailer can individualise the advertising material according to CI/CD specifications. In addition, we store the advertising materials and process all orders from the dealers. The integration of third-party suppliers is easily possible (e.g. for standard office materials).

Merchandise logistics/e-commerce:
We program B2C and B2B online shops, store sales products, pick and ship the articles, answer customer questions and also handle dunning and collection.

Incentive programs:
For wholesalers, we handle premium or incentive programmes. These campaigns may be directed to affiliated trading partners, end customers (e.g. for wholesalers’ own brands) or employees.

Accounts receivable management:
PORTICA takes over accounts receivable management for the German online shop for several mail order companies. We reconcile incoming payments, refund overpayments and dun open payments.

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