Use dropshipping for more sales.
Use dropshipping for more sales.


Dropshipping – also called drop shipment or third-party business – offers great advantages. E-commerce merchants can expand their product range without having to stock their own products and tie up capital accordingly, as their product supplier – or an associated logistics service provider – handles storage and shipping to their customers. For companies that use merchandising or promotional items, dropshipping can be an alternative to not having to manage and distribute the items themselves.

Dropshipping is a good option for manufacturers or wholesalers to expand their customer base. On the one hand, they can use Dropshipping to integrate many Internet shops as additional sales channels. The Internet shops generate the orders, the manufacturers or wholesalers deliver the goods after payment by the customer. Advertising companies, on the other hand, can be won over as customers more easily if they do not have to deal with storage and shipping themselves. The prerequisite for dropshipment is that manufacturers or wholesalers take over fulfillment to end customers. If they do not have the technical or personnel resources for this, cooperation with a fulfillment specialist is an obvious option.

When it comes to e-commerce, count on our solutions for online retailers and manufacturers.

If you are a manufacturer or wholesaler for e-commerce merchants and want to deliver directly to end customers, you can count on our e-commerce fulfillment expertise. Because we support you competently with our drop shipment logistics service. You can offer a very wide range of products without having to adjust to end-customer-oriented parcel shipping, and you can save yourself the entire warehousing, even for returns. You have a perfect overview of availability, stock levels, outflow, reach and much more.

We maintain a warehouse for you from which the orders of the various online shops and the returns processing can be handled. You can control the dispatch times and record the stocks at a glance. Your data is of course absolutely confidential. If you wish, we can also provide support for payment management or take it over completely.

Ensure transparency with PORTICA isa.

Our article management system PORTICA isa has a module for dropshipping/third-party suppliers. You manage your orders and article data effortlessly, online and with maximum data security. Inventory management for limited available drop shipment items is also possible.

Dropshipment E-Commerce

The services:

  • Professional warehouse management: control over necessary warehouse ranges and inventory management
  • Efficient logistics service for storage, fulfillment, dispatch (also international) and much more
  • Parcel delivery within 24 hours
  • Returns management including preparation of returns for resale
  • Perfect overview of availability, stock levels, outflow, reach and much more
  • Management of capacity peaks, e.g. through seasonality
  • Payment management support
  • Data security
  • Tracking and managing third-party delivery with PORTICA isa
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