Boost your sales figures with targeted outsourcing.

Order processes, bonus programmes, document monitoring, accounting activities and audit support – our services for our customers’ sales programmes are varied and cover all of the activities that are otherwise carried out by internal departments. And if there is a workflow that is not yet in place, it can be created for you.

Offer your trading partners a high degree of flexibility.

In order to allow retail to respond flexibly to changes, we help with work on publications and guidelines and explain how they are implemented in practice. For example, in connection with interpretations, application options, document handling, complaints with orders, application or fault rectification.

Opt for targeted support.

Our sales plan service provides you with plenty of options. We will be happy to advise you in detail: whether it’s with system research, event and campaign processing or telephone contacts.


pfeil   Individual sales programmes
pfeil   Sales plan service
pfeil  Involvement in publications and guidelines
pfeil  Information and support for retail and field sales
pfeil  Support with audits


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