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Optimise your project with professional services.

PRINCE2TM-certified project managers model the processes in your company with you to achieve maximum customer satisfaction and market penetration.

All services are provided precisely to your requirements. We assist you during implementation and provide continuous support. All planned processes, prerequisites and functional requirements are mapped out in a structured way in advance with you in corresponding requirement specifications.
Your processes are mapped in the software as required.

This is ensured by creating flow charts, screen mock-ups and fast prototyping. Whether it’s a matter of creating a microsite for your reward scheme, configuring the web campaign manager to run your cashback campaign or setting up the webshop to sell your products.

Prioritisation and structuring in the form of project plans are key to the success of the project. In this way, all of the functional modules of the planned project are depicted transparently and the expectations of all participants are synchronised. Regular progress reports are provided on the project. And if there should be any problems, you are informed proactively – with alternatives, too.

The multi-stage tests of all functions and systems required ensure that everything runs according to plan. And the final user acceptance test involving your users helps to identify the last adaptations and ensures optimal, fault-free operation.

Of course, all participants are trained in good time before the project goes live with the aid of webinars that are flexible in terms of time and place – and this includes both the future administrators and the users. If required, we can provide you with detailed documentation about the IT systems that are in place, created with the datango producer authoring tool.


pfeil  Target concepts, scoping
pfeil  Requirement and functional specifications
pfeil  Project planning and controlling
pfeil  Project plans and project status reports
pfeil  Flow charts, mock-ups and prototyping of systems
pfeil  Testing: function tests and user acceptance test (UAT)
pfeil  Training courses
pfeil  Documentation using datango producer


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