Achieve great success with a small website: PORTICA microsite.

In order to provide you with the ideal platform for time-limited advertising campaigns and sales promotions, we also develop microsites for you and implement them with the experienced developers from our subsidiary GEDAK. Thus, for example, cashback and reward schemes can be presented with a small navigation depth and just a few sub-pages in a striking and user-friendly way.

Increase efficiency and convenience.

All the contents of the microsite are designed precisely according to your wishes and in your corporate design. All of the data for the microsite can be imported directly, securely and efficiently from the PORTICA wcm web campaign manager and archived there ready for audit. You have access to data and reports from anywhere and at any time. And the billing model is simple: you do not need to worry about anything – we manage the PORTICA microsite cloud solution completely for you.

Offer your customers a user-friendly platform.

Your customers can use a wide range of devices to access your microsite because no Flash technology is used. The products are chosen by means of an appealing selection field. Notifications are provided by e-mail and there is a help area.

Improve workflows and security.

Make workflows leaner, e.g. with automatic post code checking or document uploads and address capture by the user. Add-on modules, such as other collection mechanisms, are also available. All product data is recorded securely and is automatically reconciled with the EAN – in cashback campaigns, for example.

Opt for an open system.

PORTICA microsite is based on LAMP technology: with a LINUX operating system, Apache web server, MySQL database and PHP programming language.


pfeil  Microsite in your corporate design
pfeil  Tailor-made requirement specification
pfeil   Interface with the PORTICA wcm web campaign manager
pfeil  High availability
pfeil   No Flash technology, therefore available on all end devices
pfeil  Document uploads and address capture by the user
pfeil  Automatic post code check
pfeil  Monitoring by implementation of counter pixels and tracking codes
pfeil   E-mail notifications, help area for users
pfeil  Simple billing model
pfeil  Add-on modules available


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