We are your reliable logistics service provider

Even when consumers buy goods on the Internet, they prefer to have everything immediately. With us as your reliable logistics service provider, your delivery promises will be kept. We take care of the ERP processes, get everything moving and even make returns into a reason for customer satisfaction.


Reliable ERP

We can only deliver whatever is in stock. It is therefore no surprise that for us, monitoring the flow of goods has absolute priority. Modern ERP, exact timing and professional logistics ensure supply and permanent availability for deliveries.
PORTICA makes sure that your products are in stock.


Shipping processing with no delays

Once the decision to buy has been taken, customers want to hold the product in their hands as soon as possible. We take care of packaging your goods in a way that ensures they will not break and delivery  is completed by tried and tested logistics specialists, on whose websites customers can track their shipment at any time via Track & Trace. As a result, your products are with the customer in the shortest time possible.
PORTICA takes care of all aspects of shipping.


Simple returns management

The wrong product, too small, faulty – products can be exchanged or returned for various reasons. We take care of everything efficiently, from acceptance to reimbursement – with the same principle of care. In the end, consumers really appreciate uncomplicated handling of returns in a good shop.
— PORTICA wins customer for you.



The PORTICA logistics services at a glance

pfeil Warehousing and logistics
pfeil Order picking
pfeil Packaging and shipping
pfeil Returns management



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E-Mail: info@portica.de