Manage your item and user data easily and efficiently: PORTICA isa.

In order to allow you to manage your item and user data easily, we have developed PORTICA isa in conjunction with our international customers: isa stands for integrated system administration. And it is an elegant system solution with which you can set up and maintain your item and user data in one system – irrespective of the number of sub-systems in which it is then used (shops or ERP, for example).

Centralise all of your activities in one online system.

Web-supported, consolidated management facilitates systematic processing of item characteristics and simple administration of the rights and roles of shop users. Characteristics such as item numbers, descriptions, cross-selling items, images, customs tariff numbers and many more are maintained in PORTICA isa. With the aid of documented approval processes and clear admin rights and roles allocation, optimal workflow can be guaranteed.

Maintain large quantities of data conveniently and flexibly.

With simple filter functions, configurable views and the option to define the type and number of item characteristics as you wish. Of course, you always have access to your item data wherever you are, you can export it at any time as an xls or PDF file and upload any help text and data. E-mail notifications, security checks and approval processes are also available. Access rights and roles of users are managed by your administrator.

You can expect perfect adaptability to your requirement profile.

All workflows, checks and interfaces are adapted optimally to your requirements. Detailed advice and close consultation with you make sure of that. The billing model is also very simple: you do not need to worry about anything – we manage PORTICA isa completely for you.

Choose an integrated, systematic solution.

PORTICA isa is an open system based on LAMP technology: with LINUX operating system, Apache web server, MySQL database and PHP programming language.


pfeil  Convenient management of all items in a single system
pfeil  User administration: rights and roles concepts
pfeil  Optimal adaptability of workflows, checks and interfaces
pfeil  Effortless management of large data volumes
pfeil  High flexibility thanks to free definition of item data
pfeil  Easy administration of access rights and roles
pfeil  Simple billing model
pfeil  E-mail notifications, security checks and approval processes
pfeil  Expert advice through Professional Services


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