Tie your customers in firmly to your company.

Long-term success is also the result of successful customer retention. The customer club is a particularly efficient way of achieving this. For club members are particularly loyal to products and providers: they usually buy more products more frequently than other customers.


Remain in permanent contact with your customers.

A customer club is the ideal basis for this. We provide you with individual process advice and manage the cub professionally down to the last detail, as there is a lot to consider in setting it up and maintaining it.


Select the right services for your needs.

Our range of services is wide. We handle warehousing and shipping of customer club items, produce cards for your club members, manage the customer points that are collected and take care of address management and communication with members.


Personalise your products as you wish.

Whatever you have in mind – we will support you: e.g. with engraved key fobs, high-quality pens and glasses, individually created vehicle registration numbers or embroidered and flocked textiles.


pfeil  Management and shipping of items
pfeil  Personalisation of products
pfeil   Production of club cards
pfeil  Management of customer points
pfeil  Preparation for the most cost-effective distribution
pfeil  Purchasing of packaging materials
pfeil  Database management


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