Communicate successfully with individual mailshot campaigns.

We offer you precisely the capacity you require to appeal to your target audience directly and individually. High-quality mailshots and brochures are produced quickly, stored safely and put together entirely to your specifications. Of course, we also take care of POS distribution.

Acquire more customers with mailshot campaigns that address your target-audience.

Adapt your mailshot campaign precisely to your target audience. Whether it’s traditional or individual: we will run everything for you. And print all of the components, such as envelopes, headed paper and flyers, digitally up to A3 size – with personalisation using laser and inkjet systems. If you wish, you can also make use of our online marketing services.

Plan efficiently with our high-precision logistics.

You can be sure that the right materials will reach the POS at the right time. From order picking to POS distribution, everything runs according to plan. We can store your mailshots, POS and advertising media securely and put them together for prompt distribution as you require.

Make the most of traditional tools such as distribution of samples.

We take a highly practical approach, so our services also include printing a wide range of on-packs and prompt distribution to the POS. Of course, we will also take care of checking, processing and archiving the responses.


pfeil  Printing and personalisation of mailshot components up to A3 size
pfeil  Compliance with data protection policies
pfeil  Preparation for the most cost-effective distribution
pfeil  Distribution of samples
pfeil  Checking, processing and archiving the responses


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