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Opt for an intelligent web-to-print solution: PORTICA w2p.

Enable your partners, such as retailers, distributors and franchise holders, to individualise and personalise advertising media by means of a web editor. It can then be sent by e-mail as a PDF or produced directly. CD-compatible, of course – and with clear rights and roles. PORTICA w2p is already integrated into PORTICA shop, but it can also be integrated into other systems, e.g. your own shop system.

Make things easier for yourself and your users.

Through a convenient administration module with user-friendly interface, you can design advertising media quickly and easily and develop complex web-to-print artwork. Alternatively, we will be happy to design templates for you as part of the implementation. Depending on the user profile, you can give your users various individualisation options so that the design of all advertising media is guaranteed to follow your corporate design. With integration into PORTICA shop, your users are taken through the order process without changing systems and can order web-to-print products together with standard items in a mixed shopping basket.

Print quickly and efficiently.

You can download the advertising media you design – or order it directly as offset or digital prints in various quantities and materials from printing service providers. Anything is possible – in a short time and in the best quality: brochures with retailer imprints, individual price lists, mailshots, campaign posters and much more.

Cut costs.

As PORTICA w2p is based on PDF lib, no costly Adobe InDesign software or server structure is required. The templates can be created by you, your advertising agency or, if you prefer, by us. There is no over-production, nor are there any warehousing costs. Digital processes guarantee efficient workflows. At the same time, the monthly licence costs are low – as are the set-up costs per template.


pfeil  Complete web-based client server system
pfeil  Integrated into PORTICA shop, can be integrated into other shop systems too
pfeil  Login with rights, roles, groups
pfeil  Interactive editing and editor window
pfeil  Visual branding for configurable areas
pfeil  Real price display
pfeil  Extensive tools for template creation in the web-based editor
pfeil  Standard file formats can be uploaded: PDF, XML, InDesign, QuarkXPress, Pageflex
pfeil   Multiple languages in frontend and backend
pfeil   Based on PDF lib
pfeil  CRM connection possible
pfeil  Flash and other plug-ins not required