PORTICA supports various companies from the fashion sector, for example also manufacturers of workwear.


Among the services provided by PORTICA are:

We store, commission and dispatch your products. Same-day fulfillment self-evident. We also provide support for container deliveries, pre-FBA work, labelling processes, packaging and much more.

Marketplace Service:
We manage your Seller Central or Vendor Central Account at Amazon for you. We will place you on marketplaces such as eBay, Otto or We also take care of the pre-FBA work for you, if you handle your fulfillment at Amazon. And of course we also store and ship goods for you whose fulfillment is too expensive at Amazon.

Accounts receivable management:
We take over the clearing of incoming payments and invoices for you. We refund overpaid amounts, coordinate your dunning process and, if necessary, initiate collection.

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