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Here we have compiled the most frequently asked questions from our customers. Is your question not included? Would you like more detailed information? Send us an e-mail or give us a call!




Webshops/Portals/IT Systems

  • Can PORTICA connect my webshop if you take care of the logistics? Open or Close

    PORTICA can integrate all shop systems (Magento, Shopware, Oxid etc.) into its own ERP and logistics systems using interfaces.

  • Is it possible to have only the online shop programmed at PORTICA without using the Fulfilment service? Open or Close

    Our subsidiary, GEDAK, is an IT company that builds webshops, portals and interfaces for our customers and that programs, implements and hosts systems. GEDAK makes it possible to program an online shop (e.g. on the basis of Oxid or Shopware) without using PORTICA's Fulfilment service

  • How expensive is an online shop at PORTICA? Open or Close

    There is unfortunately not just one online shop. The cost of a shop depends on the desired functions (such as payment, Web2Print, or standardised consignments) and requirements for the management of roles, rights, budgets and quotas. The design layout (template creation) can also lead to different price models. For this reason, there is not one price for any shop.

    Once we have discussed the desired functions, requirements, design specifications and processes, etc. with you, we can make you a fairly accurate planning services offer. Your requirements are then defined in detail in a requirement specification. Once the requirement specification has been approved, we can make you a binding offer.

  • We would like to set up a B2B advertising media online shop with a role/rights concept as well as budget and quota management. Can PORTICA implement this technically? Open or Close

    PORTICA has a 100% IT subsidiary, GEDAK GmbH. Our subsidiary not only programs, implements and hosts online shops, ERP systems, etc., but also develops its own IT applications. GEDAK has thus developed and programmed the PORTICA isa application. With the help of this special program we are able to bring about all roles, rights, quotas and budget management, even at the item level.

    PORTICA isa is not a static standard application. Every customer receives a system tailored exactly to his or her requirements, which is constantly updated.

  • Which ERP system do you use? Open or Close

    We rely on our in-house developments within the ERP system, supported by some standard applications from external manufacturers, as this is the only way to meet the very individual requirements of our customers.

    To support order portals, we have also developed a middleware system PORTICA isa which, as an interface to the ERP system, considerably simplifies rights and user administration (as part of more complex e-commerce and advertising media logistics projects).

  • Why do you use OXID? Open or Close

    OXID offers excellent technical support and further developments continously. The Oxid shop also guarantees legal certainty in the European region. The large OXID community ensures a high pace of innovation. In addition, OXID is outstandingly scalable with a very low total cost of ownership.

    But of course we can also connect any other shop system.

  • Which shop system does PORTICA use at B2C webshops? Open or Close

    We program web shops on different platforms and select the optimal system for your project. For B2C online shops we recommend Shopware, one of the most popular eCommerce platforms. Shopware scores with its design variety. This way, you can easily create shopping worlds online and turn shopping into an experience through storytelling.


Service/Customer support



  • PORTICA is certified according to ISO 9001. What, in fact, is that? Open or Close

    ISO 9001 is an international standard, according to which a company can have its quality management system tested and certified by a neutral body. Such certification is required for participation in certain invitations to tender, e.g. from the public sector. ISO 9001 requires a company to constantly monitor, improve and keep its organisational structure and processes under control. The aim is to reduce errors and increase efficiency.

  • What are the advantages of the PORTICA quality management system? Open or Close

    The client can be sure that PORTICA has established structures and procedures to precisely understand, document and implement the client's requirements. In PORTICA's typical project business in particular, where the client expects a high degree of `tailoring’, a tested quality management system that is lived by is indispensable. In 1997, PORTICA was one of the first companies in the industry to have its quality management system certified according to ISO 9000 (the standard valid at that time).

  • What does the DDV quality seal at PORTICA mean? Open or Close

    The quality seal of the German Dialogue Marketing Association (DDV) is awarded for compliance with the association's own quality and performance standards. Here, data protection and transparency in order processing are checked at regular intervals by external DDV authorised representatives (mostly specialist solicitors for data protection). In addition, PORTICA is actively involved in research groups specialising in data protection and order processing.



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